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It’s interesting to know! The geological information about granite.

Granite is one of the most widespread rocks in earth crust. Rocks (mountain breeds) – dense and loose masses making the Earth’s crust. Rocks (mountain breeds) consist of one material.  Details...

Differences between granite and other granitoid breeds

Granite consists mainly of quartz, with a granular structure and crystals, different in size and color. Granite has high stability to friction. Due to the excellent chemical, physical and mechanical properties, granite got a wide use in building for the external finishing. In addition, table-tops for a kitchen, stairs and fountains are made from granite.  Details...




  The high-quality natural stone blocks are produced by the progressive enterprise of «Unikom-prom, LTD», which is situated in town Nova Borova, in Zhytomir region.     Details...




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29 March 2017

Online store of granite products

“Unikom-Prom Co., LTD” is one of the greatest factories on the territory of the CIS (United Independent Countries), which is specialized in producing granite goods for paving and landscape design.

Our factory produces chopped (splitted) stone blocks, stone blocks with absolute sawn (sawned) finish and with chopped-sawn (splitted and sawn) finish for road surface, kerbstones (border stones), stairs and paving tiles with different kinds of surfaces (chopped, sawn, polished and flamed), decorative tiles with surface like “Rock” and many other kinds of products made from natural granite of Ukrainian deposits. We deliver our products to the buyer using trucks and railway-cars. We work only with stone which meets the requirements of the 1-st Radiological Safety Class and it gives us lots of possibilities to use it without any limits.

Natural granite is strongly connected with the history of European building and it bears the main features of traditions and respectability. The adequate correlation of price and quality, unlimited term of service, durability and aestheticism of natural granite puts it on to the first place among all kinds of paving material for landscape design.

Success of granite products is explained simply

Granite is everlasting.  The term of paved roadways service has existed for ages. Paved granite roads are resistible to mechanical loadings, vibrations, destroyable process of atmospheric phenomena and temperature cycles. Stone blocks don’t absorb moisture, petrol and other chemical liquids.  It possesses inert chemical composition. Being paved according to the out-off-cement technology the granite stone block carpet freely skips the atmospheric sinking and does not require the strict observance of slopes.

Granite is economical.  Granite carpet doesn’t need any repairs. The structure of cover made from natural stone is 7-8 times cheaper than coverage from asphalt and concrete.

Granite is aristocratic. Most people associate natural stone blocks with noble old times… Because gold kings’ coaches swept over on such roads, knights hurried to the date with a lady of the heart and warriors set forth for war.

Granite is ecological (eco-friendly). Granite carpet differs from asphalt coverage. It doesn’t belong to the group of carcinogenic materials.

If one decomposes the cost of granite stone blocks into the term of exploitation – the benefit is obvious, the principle of “dictum factum” is absolutely realized at the high-quality paving, without saying about architecture questions, aestheticism and prestige.

 The Company works with such granite deposits as: Pokostivske, Omelyanivske, Mezhyrytske, Zhezhelivske, Vasylivske and many others, of course, with gabbro (it’s a black stone) and with labradorites of different deposits too.   

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